Spooky Wooky Fall OPA 2016

Summary of Campout

 About 35 RVs arrived on Thursday September 1st to enjoy the beautiful weather on the Early Bird Arrival Day. They spent the day relaxing and exploring the quaint town of Tavistock while the Tri-County Travellers decorated the Hall and made 6 huge pots of homemade chili.

OPA Campout Coordinator Report

We are looking for bids for the 2017 Fall OPA. In the past we have enjoyed so many wonderful campouts sponsored by our chapters and as you know, the chapter sponsoring the campout will realize a net gain of $1,000 from the OPA. Perhaps you are too small to take on this task alone, consider joining another chapter to share the considerable profit being offered by the OPA.

"Lets make this happen"

Please contact Earl Swan with any questions or concerns. meswan@rogers.com or 519-623-2978

2016 Preteen Contest

Our OPA Youth Director Cheryle McQuiggan is trying to resurrect the Preteen Princess & Prince pageant along with the Teenie Queenie & King pageant. She's putting out a registration form to see if any kids want to compete at Fall OPA. Although she would prefer registrations in advance,for this first year, we will accept applications when they arrive for Fall OPA in September. Please find attached the registration form for posting on the OPA website.

Click to download the 2016 Preteen Contest Registration Form.

ANNOUNCING… Fall OPA 2016 Early Bird Day

The Tri-County Travellers have made arrangements with the Tavistock Fairgrounds for early arrival for our Fall OPA Spooky Wooky campout.

You are invited to arrive early, on Thursday Sept. 1, 2016, anytime after 12 noon, for only $20 extra. For those who live east of Toronto, an early arrival means avoiding the Toronto traffic on a Friday. Come early, enjoy a leisurely setup, and explore the charming village of Tavistock and surrounding area of Sharkespeare, St. Jacobs etc.

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