Poster & Colouring Contests for Spring OPA


Just a quick note, to let everyone know that the Camping Is and Conservation posters for 5 to 12 year olds and the 4 and under colouring pages (available for download on the FCRV website) can be done prior to the campout.  Posters need to be on standard size poster board (22”x 28’).  If you can’t make it to the OPA campout, you can send them with someone else.  Age is determined as of July 1st.  Time will be set aside to complete your posters at the campout if needed.  Please place your name, complete address, chapter name and birthdate on the back, lower left hand corner of your posters.  I encourage everyone to think about your ideas for your posters and get started early.

Pre-Teen Princess/Prince Contest – Age Group 8-12 years old
Teeny Queen/King Contest – Age Group 3-7 years old

Registration forms will be available at Spring OPA and on the website.  Deadline for registration is July 1st, 2018.  Contest will be held at the Fall OPA Campout.

Feel free to contact Cheryle McQuiggan at or call 519-866-3806 if you have any questions.

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