It is with mixed emotions that I thank Faye and Terry Swanburg for their past efforts as Ontario’s Provincial Directors, and welcome their replacements Lew and Lynn Acre. Faye and Terry have been our representatives from September 2014, up to the 2017 Campvention this summer, and FCRV is richer by having two such dedicated couples to serve our organization.

Lew and Lynn have been members since 2011, and in that short time, have packed each year with taking on all requests made of them, either at the Chapter, Provincial, or National levels. They have already served as Chapter secretary, co-chaired or chaired 3 OPA campouts, helped re-vitalize “Spooky Wooky,” been OPA recording secretary, Retiree Rally secretary and now overall chairs, received both Provincial and National Awards, recruited cadet members, been equally active in their church, various non-profit groups, and received 2 non-FCRV community service awards.   Whew!

I certainly look forward to welcoming Lew and Lynn to the next level.

Yours in camping,

Camy Hicks, Regional Director, Region 7

God Bless You Canada

As we celebrate 150 years of Confederation in this fantastic country that we live in and enjoy, let us not forget those who we have lost and who gave of themselves that we could relish in this freedom of camping. There are some, who until recently were among us, whos company we indeed cherished. If you do nothing else, remember those friends who we have lost particularly this past year, and do what you are able, to ensure their memory carries on in our programs.

Let us celebrate 150 years, as Canada remains an example to the rest of the world, of how so many diverse cultures can grow as a united country. 

Enjoy, "God Bless You Canada"

Dave Warrington
Website Coordinator


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