OPA Voting Delegates Meeting cancelled. In an effort to protect the health & safety of our FCRV members, our Spring OPA campout and voting delegates meeting are cancelled. Anyone who has already submitted their registration money will have it returned.

·        Campvention 2020 Planning Meeting postponed. Instead of the “face to face” meeting planned during Spring OPA, an alternate approach will be discussed by the Team Leaders on how best to go forward with future planning meetings, probably via emailed updates and shared reports.  It is not known at this time if Campvention 2020 will, in fact, happen. The International Trustees will make this decision sometime in May. Until we know for sure, we will continue to make cautious plans. Team members were previously advised to obtain white t-shirts/golf shirts/sleeveless tops which were to be tie-dyed/spray painted at Spring OPA. This activity will have to take place at a later date if needed.

·        Fall OPA to be hosted by Tri-County Travellers & Oxford Rovers and held at Tavistock Fairground. The deposit for Spring OPA has been transferred to the Labour Day weekend and the organizers of Spring OPA have graciously agreed to transfer their plans as well. Pre-registration forms for Fall OPA will be posted on the OPA website shortly.

In these uncertain times we encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe and we look forward to seeing you around the campfire soon.

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